Share Critical Data, in Real-time, Across Jurisdictional Boundaries

Each officer should know what every other officers knows!

As officers, your lives depend on information, so we created a simple and secure system that uses your existing devices to exchange real-time information across jurisdictional boundaries.

LENSS is connected to the nation’s only hardware-agnostic information sharing platform. So now when a frontline officer makes a DMV/NCIC/III/AFIS query, they query the LENSS system simultaneously, making information relevant to that situation instantly available on location, in real time, when officers need it most.

LENSS is the ONLY system that allows officers to take the information they gather everyday in their subject packets, FI Cards, and investigative notes and share it with fellow Officers across the jurisdictional boundary and across the nation—instantaneously.
LENSS is an advanced communication system that uses text and e-mail notifications to create real-time exchange with Officers within their respective agencies and across jurisdictional boundaries. Officers can use a simple internet connection to leverage the use of smartphones, tablets, or any computer devices to access LENSS.

All of this is achieved by using LENSS’ patented “Subject Packet” model that is the core of LENSS.

Our Subject Packets™ accurately identify persons, associates, vehicles, addresses, telephone numbers, currency, and more using common identification numbers like driver’s license, state identification card, SSAN, license plate, VIN, address, telephone, and serial numbers.

Subject Packets also provide the capability to attach photographs for quick subject identification.

When a Subject Packet is queried, LENSS provides the querying officer with contact information for the source of the Subject Packet, facilitating immediate and direct contact between the officers. As a Source Law Enforcement Agency (SLEA), when another officer queries one of your Subject Packets, you will immediately receive a text and/or email notification which identifies for you the querying officer, their agency, their direct contact information, and the purpose for the query (i.e. a traffic stop, investigative query, traffic accident, call for service, or investigative detention). If a Subject Packet exists in LENSS, you’ll also know the SLEA has a report in its records officially documenting the information you receive through a LENSS query.

Patented Subject Packets deliver actionable intelligence and facilitate real-time communication between officers unlike any other information sharing system available today.

The Electronic Field Interview Card is a cumulative record, immediately accessible and searchable, to all Officers nationwide. Once created, an officer is notified via text when any officer adds additional information to an FI card he created.
This information chain compiles valuable, cumulative intelligence on a subject. The FI Card easily stores photos and documents and can be tagged or forwarded to other officers within your agency via text or e-mail.
Like Amber Alerts, Investigative Alerts are push notifications which expedite the dissemination of critical, time-sensitive information relating to emergencies and situations like active shooters, armed robberies, bank robberies, missing persons, and other violent crimes.
Importantly, the Investigative Alert enables responding officers and investigators to send push notifications (which can include photographs and documents) at critical moments.
LENSS provides Officer’s with a place to store ALL of their information. Whether it be investigative notes, surveillance logs, FI cards, intuition, or just mere thoughts about a subject.

All of this data, that was once lost in the past due to a lack of resources is now warehoused in the LENSS database and searchable on a global level or can be scaled down to an Agency or even an Officer search.

Have you ever considered what happens to ALL of the valuable information that an employee has when they retire or leave your department?  LENSS is your solution!