A Better Way to Manage Your Docket


Latest Innovation in Docket Management

Say goodbye to antiquated docket systems.  As part of CloudGavel, the nation’s top e-warrant solution, FusionStak has just launched their docket management module called CloudDocket.  CloudDocket will allow courts to easily manage their civil, criminal, and/or juvenile dockets in the same safe secure environment that Judges use on a daily basis to review/sign warrants.

CloudDocket allows court staff to add cases along with all important data that goes along with each case.  The case file is updated in real-time for anyone who has access to the docket to view.  Users can print the final docket out at anytime and distribute it accordingly.  Like the warrant module, the docket can be accessed, edited, and viewed from any pc or mobile device that has internet access.  All data is backed up and secured so there is no risk of lost or corrupted data.


Bringing Speed and Efficiency to Docket Management

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    Data Security

    CJIS compliant and hosted in AWS GovCloud, the most secure cloud platform on the planet.

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    Custom Docket Layout

    Our team will customize the layout of the docket form to fit each Judges needs.

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    Case Notes

    Seamlessly create notes for cases along with notes for specific motions and matters within each case.

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    Court Contact List

    System automatically builds a contact list of all individuals entered into cases.

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    Document Storage

    Upload and store important case documents alongside case file.

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    Docket Scheduler

    Schedule motions/matters for individual cases and then arrange them in desirable order