Permit Inspection with Mobile Application

Permit Inspection

Their Challenge

Build a mobile application that seamlessly interact and work with web-based, GIS-enabled application to manage, track, and document all aspects of Outdoor Advertising (ODA) activities utilizing an intuitive web browser interface to access a secure centralized database system. System must adhere to the ODA requirements for state departments of transportation while ensuring compliance with the Federal Highway Beautification Act (HBA), as well as state and local regulations.

Our Solution

FusionStak consultants developed a mobile application for both Android & IOS to facilitate a secure communication between the mobile application and the web-based tool utilizing the secure centralized database

What FusionStak Did:

Development Platform:

Xamarin, cross platform technology is applied in building IOS & Android solution

Multi-Layer Encryption:

The Multi-tier encryption system ensures multiple layers of security for user information. Secure bi-directional API communication is executed over TLS 1.3 protocol.

Local Access with Offline Editing 

System is designed to support offline editing using SQLite DB for local storage. Intuitive and user-friendly interface give notification for local data sync back and forth from the central database.

Data Capture Form & Advanced Search:

Mobile application is designed to use the asynchronously search API to execute a search request, monitor its progress, and retrieve partial results as they become available. Above all Data capture form with on-the-fly design layout and display make the UI/UX easy to submit and retrieve data.