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Local Government's One-Stop Utility Management Solution

Manage Utilities with Ease

UtilityPlus provides a seamless and easy-to-use cloud-based solution for efficient utility service management. With UtilityPlus, local governments can provide better services to their citizens.

UtilityPlus is a fully customizable customer management and utility billing solution for citizens. The application is easy to maintain and has features to capture utility readings. UtilityPlus provides citizens with a flexible platform to pay their bills and view previous records.

UtilityPlus helps minimize the operation cost and helps the local government gain citizens’ satisfaction.

UtilityPlus provides departments with a configurable and completely customizable solution in order to maximize internal efficiency and deliver the online experience demanded by citizens.

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One Powerful Solution

Local government can support the community while getting repairs done and receiving taxes and utility payments in a timely manner.

UtilityPlus Modules


UtilityPlus Provides Exclusive Self Service Options for your Citizens

  • Bill customers for all utilities or services used in the community
  • Separate customer base to allow meter readers time to gather data in shorter time
  • Allow customers to pay online, via credit or debit card to allow quick processing of payments


  • Allows meter readers to capture readings in the field and upload for billing
  • Internet is not required for meter readers
  • Meter readers can take notes and pictures of any issues while in the field

Work Orders

  • Allows citizens in the community to report issues in real time
  • Safety issues can be prioritized through the application
  • Track true cost of inventory, man hours, equipment and materials per work order
  • Complete reporting of all charge for a work order
  • Track FEMA payment rates during a disaster
  • Submit reports to your district for review and full disclosure of actual cost to support the community
  • Continually keep citizens informed in the progress of their work order request

    Occupational License

    • Allows businesses to process request for license online
    • Business can print their own license after submitting application online
    • Pay online to get your license immediately
    • Review tax history.
    • Send out delinquent notices.
    • Full reporting of all applications paid online
    • Communicate with business via text or email if customer agrees

      Wastewater Tracking & Billing

      • Track all companies and trucks permitted to dump at your facility.
      • Capture delivery driver signatures and track details of each delivery.
      • Allow various pricing rates based on contracts and hours delivered.
      • Generate renewal notices for contracts.
      • Invoice directly from the manifest with a click of a button.
      • Track payments and produce numerous reports.
      • Integrates with most accounting systems.
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        Faster and Efficient Management of Utility Services

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          UtilityPlus gives you flexibility to fetch  bunch of reports with variant modules which can be customized as per need of the customer.

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          Mobile Convenience

          UlitliyPlus comes with new version of mobile app integration with IOS and Android mobile/tablets for in-field use. Mobile Application can work in even offline mode to capture field data and later sync with system.

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          No hardware to install

          Cloud based solution that accessible anytime without burdening IT departments with gives its customer a complete paperless experience.

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          Integrated with smart system to facilitate smooth communicate with citizens via text and/or email

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          Data Repository

          Ability to search historical data in real time from any electronic device

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          Share data across departments

          Everyone now has access to the same data, enabling them to act more quickly, accurately, and confidently.

        What our clients say..

        Why choose us?

        At UtilityPlus, we offer a top quality utility services and workorder solution backed by a team that’s proud to say that we always met with customer’s need :

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          Protect your data

          Reduce risk by preventing security breaches with our state-of-the-art technology.

        • computer-network-1878_d52426db-94da-42b1-a4cd-d9ec6ecccef7
          Optimize operations

          Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of manual processes.

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          Empower your employees

          Allow your employees to do more and go further.