Solutions that allow local governments to support the needs of their community

UtilityPlus Provides Exclusive Self Service Options for your Citizens

Work Orders

  • Allows citizens in the community to report issues in real time.
  • Safety issues can be prioritized through the application.
  • Track true cost of inventory, man hours, equipment and materials per work order.
  • Complete reporting of all charge for a work order.
  • Track FEMA payment rates during a disaster.
  • Submit reports to your district for review and full disclosure of actual cost to support the community.
  • Continually keep citizens informed in the progress of their work order request.

Occupational License

  • Allows businesses to process request for license online.
  • Business can print their own license after submitting application online.
  • Pay online to get your license immediately.
  • Review tax history.
  • Send out delinquent notices.
  • Full reporting of all applications paid online.
  • Communicate with business via text or email if customer agrees.


  • Bill customers for all utilities or services used in the community.
  • Separate customer base to allow meter readers time to gather data in shorter time.
  • Allow customers to pay online, via credit or debit card to allow quick processing of payments.
  • Allows meter readers to capture readings in the field and upload for billing.
  • Internet is not required for meter readers.
  • Meter readers can take notes and pictures of any issues while in the field.

6 Reasons to Use UtilityPlus

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    Each module has a full list of reports that can be customized by need.

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    Mobile Convenience

    Full integration with IOS and Android tablets for in field use.

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    No hardware to install

    Cloud based solution that accessible anytime without burdening IT departments.

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    Easily communicate with citizens via text and/or email

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    Data Repository

    Ability to search historical data in real time from any PC or mobile device

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    Share data across departments

    Everyone now has access to the same data, enabling them to act more quickly, accurately, and confidently.

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