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Innovative Criminal Justice Solutions

CloudGavel’s electronic warrant (eWarrants) solution revolutionizes the way our criminal justice system operates. eWarrants is a practice by which the entire warrant process can be facilitated in a secure cloud environment. The capability of processing ewarrants online allows for a rapid response time by the courts, resulting in an overall improvement in public safety efficiency. Law enforcement officers can now get an arrest warrant approved in minutes as opposed to hours. The value of eWarrants is a game-changer for the criminal justice system and the public that depends on it.


Bringing Speed and Efficiency to the Warrant Issuance Process

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    Data Security

    CJIS compliant and hosted in AWS GovCloud, the most secure cloud platform on the planet.

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    Custom Warrant Forms

    Expansive library of state-specific ewarrant templates that are accessible by any authorized user from any internet connected device.

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    Configurable Workflow

    Electronically route warrant requests with notifications between Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, clerks, and Judges.

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    Audio/Video Recording

    Recorded “FaceTime-like” video chat for oaths and questions that are saved with the ewarrants.

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    Secure, impossible to forge or fake, technology that is simply the best in the industry.

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    Custom API for rapid warrant integration with RMS, JMS, CMS, and Mobile/CAD providers.

Electronic Warrant Benefits

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Allows officers to respond as a situation develops.
  • Seize evidence before it can be lost or destroyed.
  • Arrest suspects before they flee.
  • Advance officer’s physical and legal protections.
  • Reduces or eliminates travel time to have warrants approved.
  • Allows officers to be in the community instead of being behind a desk.
  • Reduces errors in paperwork and procedures.


  • Streamlines the legal review and approval process.
  • Review ewarrants from any internet connected device.
  • Reduce paper copies and waste.
  • Eliminate travel and wait time for review.
  • Audit trails ensure proper procedures have been followed during application and approval.

Judicial System Benefits

  • Judicial review can be conducted from anywhere at any time on an internet connected device.
  • Fast and accurate ewarrant submissions.
  • Automated filing and archived warrant search feature.
  • Complete warrant history and an audit trail is available to ensure proper procedures are followed.

General Public Benefits

  • Protects constitutional rights by ensuring proper procedures are followed and the presence of proper judicial oversight.
  • Helps decrease crime by putting officers on the street instead of behind a desk.
  • Efficient use of taxpayer funds during times of lower tax revenues and budget restrictions.

Speed.  Efficiency.  Accuracy


CloudGavel simplifies and expedites the warrant approval and issuance process by allowing public safety officers to use any device with secure internet access to log on to our web application and generate ewarrants.  After the eWarrant is automatically populated, it is then electronically sent to a judge for review and approval.


CloudGavel enables law enforcement officers to act quickly and to ensure the safety of those officers as well as the general public. Law enforcement officers are able to take action as soon as they have probable cause, thereby reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee. An ewarrant can be created by an officer while in his or her squad car and sent electronically to a judge. If required, a secure video conferencing link between the officer and judge can be utilized. A judge is able to review the generated ewarrant assigned to them and respond from anywhere, eliminating the need to physically be in an office.  Once the ewarrant is approved and issued, the officer can print it from a portable printer in his or her vehicle.


CloudGavel saves countless hours, and even days, of lost time over the course of a year. By maximizing the efficient deployment of police resources, agencies reduce unplanned overtime used to process warrants and file paperwork. The total cost of CloudGavel’s eWarrant platform can quickly be recouped by the savings generated over the current manual process. CloudGavel allows officer work hours to be used for the apprehension and conviction of criminals by reducing the time it currently takes to process paperwork.

Discover More

CloudGavel Mobile Application

The CloudGavel mobile application gives users additional flexibility when it comes to getting warrants reviewed by supervisors and approved by courts.

  • All Warrants can be reviewed by the supervisors within the mobile app. They can then be sent back to the officers for correction or sent on to the judge.
  • Judges can review all warrants, take appropriate action, and connect via built-in video conferencing for oath affirmation when required
  • Judges can set the bond amount and conditions, all within the mobile app.
  • Cloudgavel introduces the Xchange . The Xchange is a comprehensive database of arrest and bench warrants issued  by all CloudGavel users.

  • The Xchange gives Law Enforcement personnel access to the necessary  data that is  required to make better decisions in the field.

  • Search by various data sets for  outstanding warrants that are missing from federal databases.

  • Contact details for issuing agency/officer to allow cross-agency collaboration and extradition.

  • Criminal history summary on individuals encountered by Law Enforcement.

CloudGavel Xchange

Sharing of Data Across Agency Lines

CloudGavel helps resolve one of the biggest challenges in Law Enforcement.

Benefits of the Xchange

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    Automated Sharing

    All arrest and bench warrants completed in Cloudgavel are automatically added to the warrant eXchange

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    Access to Historical Records

    Law Enforcement officers will know if the encountered suspect has outstanding warrants in the available jurisdiction

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    Accuracy with Past Records

    The new Arrest Warrant eXchange allows officers to access the threat level of an individual with greater accuracy by knowing more information about an individual’s past.

CloudDocket is the latest module to be introduced inside of CloudGavel.  CloudDocket allows courts to efficiently manage their civil dockets all within one robust application.  With the creation of CloudDocket, Judges now have access to more job functions all within a single application.

Key features of CloudDocket:

  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Manage case schedule
  • Organize case notes
  • Share case info with staff
  • Save third-party docs with case file
  • Easily organize final docket
  • User friendly

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Benjamin Horwitz
 CloudGavel has decreased the time we spend on getting warrants signed and approved. We can now spend more time keeping our communities and citizens safe. 
Tabitha Cortez
 I had the privilege of assisting FusionStak in creation of UtilityPlus Program. Over the course of the program's development, my staff and I constantly asked for changes and adjustments. The FusionStak crew made it happen. UilityPlus can easily be adjusted to meet your unique needs. 
Lt. John Windham
 CloudGavel has really streamlined our warrant process.  We now obtain warrants faster and more effectively.  CloudGavel has not only improved our manpower efficiency, but it has enhanced our investigative abilities by helping us rapidly secure valuable evidence, information, and dangerous felons.  Furthermore, we are reducing our manhours on calls and increasing our savings on fuel cost each time we us CloudGavel. 
Sgt. Steven Nethken
 CloudGavel has tremendously increased our efficiency relative to how officers and investigators secure search and arrest warrants. 
Cloyce Clark
 It's been pleasure working with Fusionstak's staff, seeing their attention to detail and realizing their passion for going beyond just getting it done but in creating solutions that truly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their clients' staff and work processes. 
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CloudGavel Leadership

CloudGavel is a FusionStak product that is managed by a dynamic group of professionals with a passion for public safety.  The FusionStak leadership team were the founders of the electronic warrant concept back in 2007 and has been dedicated to delivering the best solution on the market ever since.  Under this leadership, CloudGavel have become the nation’s top electronic warrant solution and has won several national awards.

Even with much success, we believe that our journey is still in the beginning phases and there is much left to accomplish.  Our men and women in law enforcement deserve the very best tools to keep them safe and allow them to do their jobs effectively.  We also believe that the citizens deserve that these jobs are done ethically and efficiently.

It’s under this leadership philosophy that CloudGavel has become such a special product.  Our leadership team will always ensure that our products not only best serve our clients but also that they best serve our communities.

Speed.  Efficiency.  Accuracy

Why choose us?

At CloudGavel, we offer a national award-winning solution backed by a team that’s proud to say that we have never lost a customer :

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    Protect your data

    Reduce risk by preventing security breaches with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • computer-network-1878_d52426db-94da-42b1-a4cd-d9ec6ecccef7
    Optimize operations

    Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of manual processes.

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    Empower your employees

    Allow your employees to do more and go further.


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