Often times during routine traffic stops, Officers observe facts that lead them to believe there is a greater violation at play than that of which initiated the stop.  These observations can lead to an Officer determining that there is probable cause for that Officer to conduct a search of the vehicle and the person.  However, sometimes the line on whether probable cause exists or not can be blurry.  In these situations, CloudGavel gives the officers immediate access to Judges where they can present the facts and let the Judge make the detemination on whether probable cause exist.


During a routine traffic stop, a patrol officer observes the driver of the vehicle acting in an unusually nervous manner. Due to this erratic behavior, the distinct odor of marijuana and other suspicious circumstances, the officer asks the driver if she would allow him to search the vehicle. The driver refused to allow the officer to search the vehicle and insisted that he needed a warrant to do so.


The officer directed the driver to remain in her vehicle, and he returned to his unit. He immediately logged into his CloudGavel account and applied for a search warrant for the vehicle. A few minutes later, the officer was able to print the approved search warrant in his unit and conducted an authorized search of the vehicle. Upon the search, he discovered large amounts of marijuana and cocaine.


CloudGavel allows officers to have search warrants approved during the normal course of a traffic stop – sometimes faster than a K-9 can be dispatched to the scene. This allows for proper judicial oversight, thus preserving the integrity of the case and any evidence discovered during the search.