Driving while under the influence is one of the biggest dangers to not only the safety of the driver but also to the other drivers on the road.  When law enforcment officers encounter drivers who are under the suspecion of driving under the influence, it’s critical that the officer has the ability to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if that driver is indeed impaired.


A State Trooper makes a traffic stop based on his observation of erratic driving. During the stop, the Trooper detects the smell of alcohol coming from the driver and observes behavior indicating that the driver is impaired. The driver subsequently fails the Standard Field Sobriety Test but refuses to take a breathalyzer test as required by the state’s implied consent laws. The Trooper needs to get a sample of the driver’s blood as quickly as possible to accurately determine BAC, but the Supreme Court has ruled that a warrant is required to do so in all circumstances.


The Trooper logs into CloudGavel and fills out the DUI/DWI Search Warrant after placing the driver under arrest on suspicion of driving drunk. The Trooper submits the search warrant request to the on-call judge before driving toward the medical facility authorized to draw the suspect’s blood. Within 15 minutes, the blood draw warrant has been approved and the Trooper is authorized to have medical personnel assist him in gathering the sample.


CloudGavel allows the Law Enforcement Officers to perform their job duties quickly within the requirements of the Law and with proper Judicial oversight. The speed of CloudGavel also allows the blood sample to be taken before normal dissipation reduces the true BAC reading of the DUI/DWI suspect.