Wise-Connect is a manifold group of medical professionals, lawyers and consultants bonded together by their mutual commitment to transform healthcare. WiseThink begins with understanding our client’s population health goals, then use patent-pending methods for engagement to personalize health management and Provider interactions. They provide consulting services and operate a world-class Digital Health Engagement platform using cloud computing.

Health Industries
Remote health monitoring, digital health record, Increased patient engagement.


Remote monitoring is one of the 20th-century challenges to provide better and prompt care to the population. With the current changing dynamic and value-based care, remote monitoring of the patient is key for the provider. Getting real-time and comprehensive the patient’s health record data is becoming challenging for the providers for better care.


A Wiseconnet cloud-based solution is an innovative technology in remote monitoring and tracking of patient’s health data. The WiseConnect Power of Health program is an innovative patent-pending approach using digital health to personalize self-care at home, at work, and play. The system seamlessly integrates with several wearable and handheld devices using Bluetooth and cloud-based API to capture and display real-time data.


Cloud-based zero footprint solution is helping capture patient’s health data remotely to assist in the better and more efficient care plan. Some of the main features.

  1. Real-time monitoring and capture of data at one place in the cloud for providers to collaborate for a better care plan.

  2. Configurable system alerts based on data received remotely.

  3. Seamless integration with several medical devices from the propeller and …

  4. Template driven care plan for better value-based care.

  5. Multiple features to better manage health records based on role and permissions.