Narcotics Search Warrant Arrest.



In a Louisiana Parish (county), Narcotic Task Force detectives receiveda tip that  a wanted suspect could be found at a residence within their jurisdiction. The detectives immediately went to the scene.


On the scene, the detectives began the request for a Search Warrant using CloudGavel. Within 10 minutes, the judge received notice of the warrant request and that it was ready for viewing. In the meantime, backup units were requested and arrived on the scene. The judge immediately viewed the warrant and approved it. Using a portable printer, the detectives printed the warrant on the scene. When the suspects were interrogated at police headquarters, it was discovered that when the detectives executed the warrant, the suspects were minutes away from leaving the residence with plans to commit a number of armed robberies at local convenience stores.


The entire warrant process from start to execution was completed in less than 30 minutes. The detectives reported that CloudGavel more than likely saved lives that night. Without CloudGavel, they would not have been able to get warrants in time to prevent the suspects from leaving the house.