Online Ordering and Inventory Management Solution

Their Challenge

Lapco is using legacy AS400 system to manage and run their daily operations. Generating real time sales, revenue, production etc. reports to effectively run business was a very tedious and arduous process.Owner and executives were relying on old data and unable to provide clear and data driven decisions for the business.

Our Solution

FusionStak team implemented comprehensive web and mobile based reporting platform using Tableau as visualization tool and SQL server data warehouse. ETL routine extract data from legacy system and import into SQL server data warehouse. Multiple dashboard with interactive and user-friendly interface giving executive insight into data.

What FusionStak Did:

Business intelligence and data analytics tools to provide an insight to data and facilitate effective running of business.

  • Clear and transparent visibility of sales and revenue data.
  • Interactive filter and graphical display for better understanding.
  • Availability of data on mobile and tablet to give real-time and round the clock access to the data for the faster decision.
  • Subscription of reports to be delivered by email.
  • Comprehensive data migration process to pull legacy data.
  • Predictive modelling for better control of flow of inventory.
lapco Image