Technology-based Training and Testing

Their Challenge

An integrated web-based system that can used to not only provide training but also track and manage trainee’s history. Lack of mobile platform to schedule and offer training in the field. A system that can perform accounting and manage the flow of money to manage the day to day business of agencies providing training services.System integration with third party solution for background check.

Our Solution

T3 is cloud based comprehensive solution providing a platform to manage Testing and training. Mobile framework of the product gives flexibility to schedule and manage courses in the field. System can seamlessly integrate with several external services like, First Advantage, Security passport, GIS etc. for payment and back ground checks. Tableau based reporting platform gives user several analytical reports on button click.

What FusionStak Did:

Web based solution managing several thousands training offering hundred of courses every day. Some of the main features of the product.

  • Provides one stop application to manage the trainings provided to workers
  • Maintains the list of courses provided by GCSC
  • Process registration of trainees and keep record of their presence
  • Managing overall process of course scheduling
  • Managing and maintaining the record of Course Tests and Results .
  • Processing and maintaining Payment history
T3 Image