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Using Geofence Data as an Investigative Tool

Over the last few years, Criminal Investigators have increased their usage of data posted on and collected by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to aid in their investigations. This can range from the use of pos...

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Using Visual Data to Enhance the Functioning of Your Business

In 2021, over 3.3 billion photos and nearly 800,000 hours of video were shared on the internet daily. About 59% of our global population has internet access, while 4.57 billion are active users – this is a 3% i...

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Success at the TN Judges Conference

The CloudGavel team was in Nashville last week at the Tennessee General Session Judges Conference and the response to our technology was an overwhelming success. Courts all throughout Tennessee were able to se...

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CloudDocket goes live!

FusionStak launches CloudDocket Module FusionStak has added another module to their award winning eWarrant solution CloudGavel. The CloudDocket module will allow courts to efficiently manage their dockets ...

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CloudGavel Launches Training Platform for Officers

Everyone agrees that there is a growing demand for advanced training within the law enforcement community and FusionStak and the National Command and Staff College are stepping up to meet those demands wit...

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FusionStak Opens Houston Office

America Tower 2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77019 FusionStak is excited to announce that we have opened our new Houston office. Our Houston office will be focused on supporting our g...

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WDSU talks CloudGavel

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DUI Search Warrants

DUI  Search Warrants: Implied Consent and a DUI Blood Draw Over the last few years, the Supreme Court of the United States has heard several cases pertaining to DUI blood draws and implied consent laws. Tw...

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Supreme Court questions breath tests without warrants

The U.S. Supreme Court has questioned the laws of 13 states that make it a crime for someone to refuse a breath or blood test by police without a warrant.  Under the Fourth Amendment, individuals are prote...

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Cyber Security

Cyber crimes have expanded so rapidly that it’s almost become exhausting for law enforcement.  Gone are the days where career criminals needed to physically break into a property or “rob a bank” to steal y...