Share Critical Data, in Real-time, Across Jurisdictional Boundaries

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As officers, our lives depend on information, so we created a simple and secure system that uses your existing devices to exchange real-time information across jurisdictional boundaries.


LENSS Gives Officers Actionable Data in Real Time

Get DMV, NCIC, AFIS, III data from one solution

LENSS is connected to the nation’s only hardware-agnostic information sharing platform. So now, when a frontline officer makes DMV/NCIC/AFIS/III queries, they query the LENSS system simultaneously, making information relevant to that situation instantly available on location, in real time, when officers need it most.

Send & Receive Actionable Intelligence

LENSS is the ONLY system that allows officers to take the information they gather every day in their subject packets, FI Cards, and investigative notes and share it with fellow officers across the jurisdictional boundary and across the nation – instantaneously.

Make Positive Identifications

Our Subject Packets accurately identify persons, associates, vehicles, addresses, telephone numbers, currency, and more using common identification numbers like driver’s license, state identification card, SSAN, license plate, VIN, address, telephone, and serial numbers.

Get Electronic Field Interview Cards

The Electronic Field Interview Card is a cumulative record that is, immediately accessible and searchable for all officers nationwide.  Once created, an officer is notified via text when any officer adds additional information to the FI card he created.

Search Everything

LENSS provides officer’s with a place to store ALL of their information. Whether it be investigative notes, surveillance logs, FI cards, intuition, or just mere thoughts about a subject.

6 Reasons to Use LENSS

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    No Long-term contracts

    Month to month for the life of your subscription

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    No hidden fees

    No surprises or hidden costs

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    No hardware to install

    Quick and painless to set up and use, LENSS utilizes the smartphones your officers are already carrying

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    Save time

    Setup, training, and support is included for every user.

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    Save money

    LENSS users save 65% on average on the cost to access the DMV & NCIC

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    Share data across borders

    Everyone now has access to the same data, enabling them to act more quickly, accurately, and confidently.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

Lt. John Windham
 CloudGavel has really streamlined our warrant process.  We now obtain warrants faster and more effectively.  CloudGavel has not only improved our manpower efficiency, but it has enhanced our investigative abilities by helping us rapidly secure valuable evidence, information, and dangerous felons.  Furthermore, we are reducing our manhours on calls and increasing our savings on fuel cost each time we us CloudGavel. 
Cloyce Clark
 It's been pleasure working with Fusionstak's staff, seeing their attention to detail and realizing their passion for going beyond just getting it done but in creating solutions that truly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their clients' staff and work processes. 
Tabitha Cortez
 I had the privilege of assisting FusionStak in creation of UtilityPlus Program. Over the course of the program's development, my staff and I constantly asked for changes and adjustments. The FusionStak crew made it happen. UilityPlus can easily be adjusted to meet your unique needs. 
Sgt. Steven Nethken
 CloudGavel has tremendously increased our efficiency relative to how officers and investigators secure search and arrest warrants. 
Benjamin Horwitz
 CloudGavel has decreased the time we spend on getting warrants signed and approved. We can now spend more time keeping our communities and citizens safe. 

Speed.  Efficiency.  Accuracy

Why choose us?

At CloudGavel, we offer a national award-winning solution backed by a team that’s proud to say that we have never lost a customer :

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    Protect your data

    Reduce risk by preventing security breaches with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • computer-network-1878_d52426db-94da-42b1-a4cd-d9ec6ecccef7
    Optimize operations

    Improve efficiencies, drive cost out of manual processes.

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    Empower your employees

    Allow your employees to do more and go further.