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Law Enforcement Agencies and Judicial Districts/Circuits
Public Safety
Electronic warrant/document processing for Law Enforcement and Judicial communities.


The current manual process to obtain judicial approval for warrants and other court documents are time-consuming and expensive – taking on average two and a half hours.


Utilizing a cloud-based platform and electronic signatures,CloudGavel offers the ability to create,submit and receive approval of warrants and other court documents with a 90% reduction of the time and up to 100% of the travel utilized by traditional methods. Come to the main benefits include:

  • Time savings by using Electronic Warrants

    • Immediate need for the warrant

    • Normal operating use case

    • Unusual use case–task force,ad hoc judges,etc.

  • Money savings by using Electronic Warrants.

    • Vehicle expenses – gas, wear and tear, and maintenance costs.

    • Officer time–travel and wait times.

Even though the primary benefits from CloudGavel can be seen in the time and money savings realized by using an electronic warrant solution, there are many other benefits. These can be seen from the perspectives of Law Enforcement Officers,Prosecutors,the Judicial System and the General Public.

  • Officer/Law Enforcement Benefits

    • Allows officers to respond as a situation develops:

      • Seize evidence before it can be lost or destroyed.

      • Arrest suspects before they flee.

    • Advance officer’s physical and legal protections.

    • Allows officers to be in the community instead of being behind a desk.

    • Reduces errors in paperwork and procedure.

  • Prosecutor/Legal Benefits.

    • Streamlines the legal review and approval process.

    • Review warrants from any internet connected device.

    • Reduce paper copies and waste.

    • Eliminate travel and wait time for review.

    • Audit trails ensure proper procedures have been followed.

  • Judicial System Benefits

    • Judicial review can be conducted from anywhere at any time on an internet connected device.

    • Fast and accurate warrant submissions.

    • Automated filing and archived warrant search feature.

    • Eliminate travel and wait time for review.

    • Complete warrant history and audit trail is available to ensure proper procedures are followed.

  • General Public Benefits

    • Protects constitutional rights by ensuring proper procedures are followed and the presence of proper judicial oversight.

    • Helps decrease crime by putting officers on the street instead of behind a desk.

    • Efficient use of taxpayer funds during times of lower tax revenues and budget reductions.

As CloudGavel expands into other court documents,bench warrants,reporting and more,it is easy to see why Law Enforcement Agencies and Judicial District can benefit from the use of an electronic warrant solution. Contact our sales department at 1-866-297-5155 or Sales@CloudGavel.com to schedule a live online demonstration.


  • Law enforcement officers can take action quickly when they have probable cause.

  • Automated process can be used on any web-enabled mobile device.

  • Reduces the possibility that the suspect will be warned about the arrest warrant – enhancing the safety of the officer and the public.

  • Reduces overtime for officers and off-duty interruptions for judges.

  • Allows more time to apprehend and convict criminals and less time for processing paperwork.